standard-title Cases Thanks to them, we smile again


Thanks to them, we smile again

“I am very happy with the work done”


It is difficult to find a good dentist in Puerto Vallarta!; before attending the office of Justsmiles
I had visited other dentists who are announced, with a nice office, but I was looking for a good professional to take care of the aesthetics needs of my mouth, since I am a young person and wanted to have the best possible looking smile.

They offered me to put 6 veneers at an exaggeratedly high price, when someone recommended Justsmiles and I played with fate when I met Doctor Guillen and his team.
He has a nice office, a very amicable receptionist, and his assistant as well.
His prices were very reasonable and he not only corrected my smile but also explained, in detail, on a gypsum and wax model, how would my teeth look, and that only 2 veneers would be necessary to improve my smile.

JustSmiles is an authentic professional team; I have recommended them to a lot of friends to their total satisfaction.

Thank you JustSmiles

January 14, 2008

Dear Sirs and Madams:

before02Dr. Martin is an internationally respected implantologist and oral surgeon. He has an easy and gentle approach that has helped thousands of patients face their dental procedures with confidence and even enthusiast over the last twenty years.

I was first introduced to Dr. Martin in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It was a Saturday afternoon when the office is generally closed. As fate would have it he was there standing in the reception area. He talked to me at great length about my dental problem that was very complex. I needed my entire mouth restructured because of bone loss.
The expense was absolutely cost prohibitive in the States and because of the severity of the problem I would lose practically all my teeth.
I was at wits in when I decided to ask the owner of a hotel for a recommendation in Puerto Vallarta and an art dealer for their recommends. Both referred me to the good Doctor Martin as one of a kind.

Dr. Martin worked out an easy to implement program that would extend over the next nine months. It worked out perfectly for me because I am a college professor and have the summers off as well as a six- week holiday and J-term break. It was Divine Providence I’m certain. I could make the three lengthy visits to Mexico for treatment in May, August and December. And I found the quaint and lovely El Pescador hotel with very reasonable rates.

I had been very disappointed that in the US present-day dental cost and their equivalent medical loans industry have gone far beyond the call. Having this work done in the US required great hardship that may have been fatal to my financial stability & certainly would have created almost unbearable financial strain in this current economy.

Dentist, medical doctors I dare say, had turned me down in the past. Fee’s that were suggested ranged from fifty to ninety thousand dollars. Fifty was for a bit correction and braces. At least half a dozen doctors had told me I was far beyond the point of needing braces. My teeth were so loose that sometimes I thought I’d pull them out just flossing. Another conclusion was to just pull most of the teeth and wear dentures. I tried this approach. I had extractions and wore partial dentures for about a year with horrible results. You see I am a voice teacher and the plastic arch across my hard pallet made it impossible to articulate properly.

I was so glad I met Doctor Martin who assured me he could improve all my dental matters. Dr. Martin looked forward to the challenge of correcting my problems. He assured me I would have a beautiful new smile by the end of the year. But of equal value is the fact that he was considerate of my income limitations. I’m a teacher with a son finishing college. He wanted to offer me an affordable pricing and to my amazement actually discussed it with me. And we agreed on a workable fee. It’s truly amazing how crossing an invisible line called a border is like entering another galaxy.

Shortly after my first visit to PV Dr. Martin received a person invitation to an International implantology Conference held in Chicago. To me this event demonstrated the respect he has earned in the world of professional dentistry

At one point I had researched Zirconia that is a process used mainly in Europe and by very elite specialist in the US. By the next week Dr. Martin had looked into the matter and ordered the equipment to give me this new process. I was overjoyed.
During the months where I waited for my implants to heal my permanent temporary teeth were so beautiful that people would stop me on the street to admire my smile. Actually even a dentist thought that my temporaries were the finished product.
I have great belief in Dr. Martin and several of my friends are so impressed that they are planning to come to Puerto Vallarta for their dental work.

Now it’s the end of the year and today I had my final fitting for my new Zirconia teeth. I have 11 new implants and bone grafts where needed. And don’t let me forget the necessary root canal work done by his colleague Dr. Oscar He was another gentle angel in the dental industry. I wonder how Dr. Martin found all these wonderful people. And don’t let me forget to mention his lovely wife who kindness is immeasurable. She actually collected me from the airport on two of my visits.

The staff at Justsmiles® is a wonderful family of loving professionals. I just adore them. They are great people with an extraordinary gift of putting a patient in a state of total trust, ease and relaxation.

I greatly admire the Justsmiles® professional family. Dr. Martin is an ideal doctor from the old school of being first humanitarian extraordinaire and an exceptional physician. I am honored to make this testimony to my journey back to good dental health.

Profesor Catherine Slade


Dear Drs. Calderon and García

Words cannot express the joy I feel over Cory´s new mouth. You are God´s messengers! You have ended 23 years of suffering for my son. His teeth are a work of art.

Bless you!
Mrs. Juliet Ann Gunst

before04I am from New York City and have had dental work by excellent dentists over the years. I have a very small mouth with a poor gag reflex that makes dental care difficult for dentists as well as for me. Both the dentists and I go through much agony to get X rays, molds, examinations, etc. completed.

Because Dr. Martin Guillen Calderon came highly recommended by friends who live in Puerto Vallarta six month a year, I decided to have a consultation when I arrived for a week. I was told by New York City dentist that veneers on my four front teeth would be needed, but the costs (without dental coverage) were exorbitant. Given the economy, I thought I would see my friends` dentist just to see what he could do.

Upon arrival, I found that Dr. Martin was someone who clearly explained what he could do and how quickly it could be done as to fall within my time in Puerto Vallarta. When he examined my mouth, I did not have my usual uncomfortable response, but felt at ease. Dr. Martin hands are quick, sure and barely felt. He took a mold the first day, explaining the process and costs. When I came in the next day both he and his assistant were working on my mouth for two hours. At one time there were even two sets of hands in my mouth, a vacuum cleaner type device, a light and three pieces of cotton ñany one of which usually causes a problem for me.

So, after just one week, I have had my four veneers on my front teeth that look just like my own teeth. The cost was just about 40% of the price my friend in New York City, ìthe dentistî, quoted and the wok is excellent without the difficulties I normally have. I plan to have all my dental work done here in Vallarta during the times I visit.

Cristina E.


Dear Sir:

before05Our small community is constantly reminded that, all too often, there is a price to pay for what many like to call life in paradise. Granted, we can be quite tolerant about many things, but when our health and well-being are at stake, we will usually go out of our way to find reliable and trustworthy references for our medical needs.

To make an extremely long story short, 3 years ago, a reliable friend of ours referred me to a local dentist for the relief of a simple toothache. The first visit determined that I required more work than I had originally anticipated if I wanted to keep eating comfortably and smiling for years to come. I was also later determined that some root canal work was necessary. Now this kind of plumbing is not really what I had in mind when I casually strolled into this physician´s office on my first visit for a simple tooth ache.

But things being as they are in this town, plus the fact that my friend was very happy with the work this dentist had done on his teeth, I felt confident and gave him the green light.
After having one cavity fixed, 2 bridges and 3 root canals, I figured somebody up there was having a good laugh at my expense, not to mention my financial contribution to my dentist´s retirement fund.

By this time, my friend began having second thoughts about the work he had done. The bridge in his mouth was falling apart and he had to have all of the work redone. This time he said -no more – I am having this redone up north- whatever the cost.

As fate would have it, I started having problems also. The reoccurrence of pain where the root canal had been done was definitely not a good sign…and my bridges were also starting to fall apart…and the simple filling fell out. Life took on a whole new meaning.

Desperate for pain relief, I went back to my dentist who admitted that I should now go to see a specialist to fix what he admittedly screwed up.

I was referred to Dr. Oscar Salcido, a root canal specialist. Upon examination and x-rays of my painful situation, he determined that everything that was previously done and inflicted on me had to be redone. I cannot print the words that come to mind to express my feelings at that moment. For the rest of the (non-endodontic) work that had to be redone, he referred me to his colleague who practices in the same building, Dr. Martin Calderon.

Now I guess there´s nothing more exciting to look forward to than starting your day with a root canal, but Dr. Oscar as I call him, is a true professional. He performed his specialty inflicting a minimum amount of discomfort, although a root canal work can hardly be called a comfortable experience.

Meeting his colleague Dr. Martin, as I call him, also proved to be an excellent reference.
His examination was through and his analysis of my dental situation was extremely clear –he had to redo and fix everything that the first dentist screwed up –Oh, joy… Dr. Martin proved to be an extremely professional dentist that would ultimately fix all my dental problems, including the replacement of my screwed up bridges with dental implants. Dr. Oscar and Dr. Martin are true professionals, worthy of the highest reference I can give. I don´t wish the painful and incompetent treatments I received before I met this two guys to any one, not even to my worst enemy.

Should you require dental work, I strongly suggest you consider these two gentlemen. Their offices are located on Basilio Badillo where other specialists complete the team –and yes they speak English! They can be reached at 223-0505 0r 223-2990.

Steven Richard.

before06My name is Jonathan and I want to thank Justsmiles® the aesthetic dental work and new look in my smile. Thanks to Justsmiles® my appearance has changed.

Today I can smile sure of myself, the change from before to after is exceptional; when looking at photos of my smile and new color of my teeth I see a total transformation of my face and smile. I am recommending to my friends and relatives that should they decide to fix their teeth and mouth to go to Justsmiles®, where the personnel is professional and amiable.



before07And Dr. Martin Guillén is an excellent dentist extending to his working team as well; he is patient, affable and I have recommended him to my friends, which in turn felt satisfied with the job done. I recommend him highly.

Thank you.
Rocio de la Torre

before08I am a 52 man who has worked professionally as an international model for 25 years. Because my career made me moving a lot around the world, it was never possible to commit to a 6 months treatment for implants, thus I suffered a lot of bone loss in my mouth.

When I discovered the beautiful Puerto Vallarta and I realized, as many others, that my money was worth much more in Mexico than in New York City, I decided to take a few months off during the Winter time, for the first time of my life, which gave me all the time to look for more professional advice about the situation of my teeth…

After a few visits to a few different dental offices in PV, I finally opted for Dr. Martin and I have never felt sorry since, on the contrary!
I chose Dr. Martin for, not only he sounded very experimented in his field (he always responded patiently and completely to all my questions) but he is also a very charismatic person, he shows himself more as an humble human being than as a successful doctor, he always treated me in a very friendly manner, and the same way he treats all his staff, with serious but kindly, and I could only feel always good vibration and harmony in his office.

I can say also that after the first or second appointment with Dr. Martin, you will sure discover like me that he is very passionate by his work, always searching for, and offering you the best solution(s) of treatment and adapted to what your budget can afford. He doesn’t work for the money first, he is only happy after he makes you happy!

To make the story short, in spite of the aggravating bone loss in my jaws and that I needed the fastest and best quality treatment possible to replace 8 of my teeth, Dr. Martin gave me back the confidence I started to lose for a few years already, in my big smile, and more importantly, in my ability to eat everything again… and I am not exaggerating if I say that actually I never enjoyed in my life before such good chewing abilities, as Dr. Martin was even successful at correcting my cross-bite that I had all the time before…

Of course, going through implants treatment is not a joyful experience in itself, but with someone as Dr. Martin, it was really worth it for it has seriously improved my life! what a relief to feel teeth again in my mouth like they were my very original teeth from my 20s! I hope that I will enjoy the implants of Dr. Martin until my last day, which I was told is not unreasonable to think so 🙂

Thank you very much Doctor Martin, God bless you, as well as all your beloved ones who support you in your mission and passion as a wonderful dentist in Puerto Vallarta!

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